New York – Part 2

Part two of my New York trip continues…

For the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend, we explored the ‘Highline’ of New York, that runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues. The Highline is a renovated part of a historical freight line, that sits elevated above the city. Gardens, art, food and a new outlook on the city are on offer. It was a cool place to relax from the mid morning heat.












It was then back on our bikes uptown to tackle the famous Central Park. We had grossly overestimated cycling this park. We didn’t realise that you could only cycle in one direction, which makes sense actually, but meant we were caught in a constant loop. We did manage to stop and take in the park – its quite beautiful and a welcome break from the concrete jungle of the city.






The following day I hired a bike again and made my way uptown to check out the famous Guggenheim Museum. I always enjoy visiting at least one museum of each city I visit. It’s a good starting point to get a feel of the cities culture.

The outside and inside architecture of the museum is striking and unique. The curved lines immediately draw your eyes up. Inside, I made my way up various levels of the museum via a slowly ascending ramp. Even the staircases take on a mind-boggling design.




The museum is home to the works of some famous artists including Manet, Picasso, Renoir, Vuillard and Van Gough. All part of the Thanuhauser Collection, I found this level the most enjoyable. Other levels included modern displays, including one made of cous-cous (I can never understand these) and paintings of local children. I found the museum ‘OK’. It was enjoyable enough to visit to take in the amazing building.

If you are more organised than me, I would recommend looking into the New York City Pass for some good value on tickets to the Guggenheim and other New York attractions.

On my bike again, it was on towards the East Village to visit the iconic Katz Delicatessen. The setting of that famous scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Katz Delicatessen has become a Mecca for food and movie lovers. After lining up and then getting a ticket, I entered the restaurant and noticed immediately that Katz had retained that old school deli feel, in fast food chaos. I asked a local man what the most popular dish was. He said he couldn’t go past the Pastrami sandwich. At an expensive $19, I got a sandwich overflowing with meat. I wasn’t a big fan I have to say, but the experience was fun. I made a local homeless man happy by offering him half my sandwich on the way back.


I then my way to the famous Brooklyn Bridge. In hindsight, it was quite ambitious to ride across through throngs of long weekend tourists, but it was all part of the experience. I even managed to stop to capture a few famous shots of the bridge.




My last box I wanted to tick during this visit was a visit to the top of one of New York’s famous skyscrapers. There are now a few vantage points to take in the New York skyline – One World, the Empire State Building, but I chose the famous Rockefeller Centre for a view of the Manhattan skyline. I was there for 4 hours, waiting for the sun set to capture the skyline in the afternoon sun and at night. It was worth the wait.






Wow – New York was actioned packed! I defintely will be going more prepared next time – there is still so much to explore. And talking about next time – I will be back again in January 2017. Can’t wait to see what the Big City is like in winter!

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